One of the nagging questions that may hinder us from getting a house bar is how much does a home bar cost? Well, firstly, home bar investment costs will depend on how many of the home bar essentials you’re willing to get. Secondly, it will depend on the brand, quality, and functionality of the home bar essentials you chose. Think of Apple’s iPhone and Nokia’s dump phones. You basically have two phones in the same category (cellular phones) but the branding premium, quality, and functionality of Apple’s iPhones will make it have a higher price point compared to other brands. In the same light, it is the same with home bars – branded home bar essentials which have great brand equities will always cost higher than generic ones.


When thinking of buying home bars, it’s always a good idea to work the other way around and make a budget. If you have a budget of, let’s say $1,000 to make your home bar, you can spend on home bar essentials within your means compared to buying home bar essentials with an open budget. With a $1,000 budget, you can easily buy quality home bar furniture and fixtures and a modest beer refrigerator, kegerator, or wine cooler.


If the question how much does a bar cost is still nagging you, and to tell you honestly, a good home bar complete with the best home bar essentials and personalized according to your preferred theme, lifestyle, and motif will probably set you back around $2000 at best and around $5000 at most.


But don’t let the costs turn your home bar dreams off, we all have our versions of the best home bar, so your home bar investment costs may be lower compared to your best friend or the person sitting right next to you. Moreover, rewards are reaped by the prudent home bar buyer. You can save a ton of money by searching the best deals not only through online channels but to brick-and-mortar stores as well. There are also hidden gems in buying used but not abused home bar essentials.